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San Francisco

Whitechapel Labyrinth

Mary Jane Kelly in the Whitechapel Labyrinth

It is 1888 in the foggy gas lit streets of London's Whitechapel and you can smell the fear in the air as a murderer is on the loose. Mary Jane Kelly updates you on the recent Whitechapel murders. See the most recent victim for yourself.

A Storm Approaches...

The Ripper strikes again! Quickly a storm is approaching and the dark streets are no longer safe, make your way out of the confusing labyrinth of narrow streets as quick as you can. NO really... hurry!

What you'll learn

  • Whether you have a good sense of direction.
  • Whether you can stay calm when there's panic on the streets?
  • Whether you'd really just prefer to go to the pub!

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“Went to the dungeons today for one reason which was to overcome my fear of the dark. To be honest not only am I no longer scared but I'm also considering coming again with my dad and brother.

So to start off with I would say the quality of the acting from each of the actors just made you feel like you were there in the time period and no longer in 20th century Britain. Some areas made me jump especially Sweeny Todd and jack the ripper. I will be doing the rides I think next time if I feel brave enough to do so (not a big fan of dark rides).

I would recommend the dungeons to people that have watched or like CBBC's Horrible Histories especially with certain elements. I was named a fellow torturer in the torture chamber as I knew what the tools were used for. The cockroach part was odd and strange to me.

To sum it up in 2 words
Absolutely Fantastic

A once in a lifetime opportunity and a great way to prepare for doing theme park fright nights which I will be doing in the not too distant future as I was able to get through this OK. I tried not to be too clever as some of the answers and interactive elements were just wow.

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