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The Tyrant Boat Ride

The Tyrant Boat Ride

The ALL NEW Tyrant Boat Ride

This summer, visitors to The London Dungeon can experience the full force of Henry VIII’s wrath in an altogether darker and scarier experience on the ALL NEW , improved, Tyrant Boat Ride.

Condemned to death by Henry’s loyal servant, the Black Jester, for conspiring with Anne Boleyn, guests (now traitors) will join her  on her final journey along the Thames to The Tower of London, where you'll meet your fate. You may lose your head - or get wet! Definitely one of those two! 

Along the way, the murderous monarch himself will sentence you to death before intense fog, darkness, choppy waters, scurries of rats and foul stench of sewage will give you a 360 feel for the journey that so many other traitors made during King Henry's reign.   

Wait a minute... I know that face.

Yes it's much loved actor Brian Blessed starring as Henry VIII at The London Dungeon!

  • He will appear virtually as a high-tech 3D talking head!
  • His famous booming voice will condemn guests to execution.
"It was all about the eyes and teeth and getting into the mind of the man. He was dangerous and menacing, a frightening King, and I will bring a wonderful extravagance and confidence to the role."
Brian Blessed

See video of Brian Blessed at work for The Dungeons.

Measuring Brian’s head

Measuring Brian’s head

(click for large version)

What you'll learn

  • Just how furious Henry VIII can be.
  • What happened to Anne Boleyn and her fellow conspirators (that's YOU).
  • How the executioners play the drums as you approach Traitors Gate.

Want more?

We've cut (haha) together 10 amazing facts about Henry and put them into this infographic. See 10 horrific facts about Henry VIII

10 horrific facts about Henry VIII – London Dungeons

 Or read more about Henry VIII on his personal profile

Meet the Head Master

You've escaped the swing of the Executioners sword and managed to keep your head! Now you've made it to The Tower of London and will meet the Head Master for an interactive lesson on how to prepare a head for a spike.  Having attended to a fair few of Henry VIII’s 72,000 victims, he’s a true expert in his field, with many an insightful story about the crimes that led to their deaths!


The Tyrant Boat Ride is not accessible to guests who are unable to walk unaided or guests who cannot use stairs. There is a height restriction on this ride of 1 metre, guests at this height must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Guests who are 1.2 metres can ride without supervision. Due to the use of strobe lighting the ride is not suitable for visitors with photosensitive epilepsy. This ride is not recommended for guests with:

  • Back or Neck Complaints
  • Broken limbs or have had recent surgery
  • Pregnant Guests
  • Photo Sensitive Epilepsy 
  • Have a condition that may result in injury or complication from riding

 Please be advised the Tyrant Boat Ride will be closed for essential maintenance work from 2nd - 13th Feb 2015 inclusive.

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“When you first find out you are going to the London Dungeons with a group of students you are filled with extra dread...well, you should be.

It's suddenly not about whether you will be scared or not by the vicious variety of scenes but how your body (and voice) might uncontrollably behave when you are.

No teacher wants to turn in a split second from the demon drill master to the shrill, screaming scaredy-cat.

Fortunately for me I was able to hold on to my dignity or at least conceal it from the 43 students I took round the attraction. The first test of the shaking lift was passed with ease. The second hurdle of the gunpowder explosion was 'windy' but not gail force. I didn't lose my head in Sweeney Todd's barber shop and whilst the knife attack in a lightening storm had me reaching for a stiff drink, that was solely down to the Ten Bells Pub setting - honest.

I would like to claim that was where my story - and this review - ended. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Unable to choose the door to freedom thanks to the fear of taunts from students, I gripped my brave facade tightly around my own neck and entered the Newgate Gallows.

Remember that shrill scream I mentioned? So do all the students who sat next to me on the drop-ride; they have reminded me of it every day since.

Fear exposed but well worth it for the shared experience.”

Mr Smith See more reviews...