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The Torturer

The Torturer

Abandon all hope, as you find yourself in the Torture chamber. The Torturer is looking for 'volunteers'. Anyone need a good stretch?.

Relax, this won't hurt (oh... wait)

Let's be honest. The Torturer is a craftsman... at least he uses tools. Also he is very practically minded and LOVES to teach - usually by demonstration.

This show is consistently one of our highlights - delighting and repulsing in equal measure. Just remember, like any artist The Torturer has his sensitive side. (Actually so do you... ask him and he'll show you where it is)

What you'll learn

  • What is pain and punishment Dungeon's style?
  • What are the tricks of the trade?
  • What do your insides look like?

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“On Friday 7th, my head of year took 60 children on a Rewards Trip to The London Dungeons. And I have to say, this has been the best trip ever. Nobody knew what to expect, as none of us had been. We had heard rumors of what we might see: a ghost train, a maze in which people with chainsaws chase us, and so on. But what we actually saw was far better than any of us could have imagined. Our teacher joked that he was only taking all 60 of us as we were "Scary enough to work there", which is probably the only 'good' joke he has ever made. But Anyways, we all enjoyed our stay at the dungeons, and I'm sure that I enjoyed it most. I always wanted to go to the dungeons, and finally my wish had come true. I must admit, I wasn't expecting to get soaked first thing; and seeing as I sat right at the front on the right, I kind of looked like I had fallen in the water. It was rather refreshing though, I must admit. It was quite funny hearing my friend reciting her final words over and over, seeing as she was scared of what was coming next. My favorite part was definitely everything to do with Jack The Ripper, as it seemed to scare us all the most. (And plus, Jack The Ripper is my favorite English 'baddie'.) It was hard to pick a favorite, as I loved it all. The actors were great, and seemed to be the characters, rather than act as them. I must say, they all helped to make it feel as if I was walking through London as every event happened. The London Dungeons has also helped me with my love of history, which I never really knew I had. Now I am very interested in the gruesome past of England, and currently researching into it. I recently found out that my Mom has a few spare tickets to go back to the London Dungeons, and after I found out, I practically screamed like a fangirl, excited. Thank you, actors, staff, and everyone who has helped make this experience one of the best I've ever had. I'm really looking forward to coming back this summer.”

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