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San Francisco

The Judge & Courtroom

The Judge

You must be guilty or very guilty to find yourself in this court room and the Judge has little time for your excuses, he's due back in the pub!

This is a classic Dungeon's show and a massive crowd pleaser. We're all guilty... the only question is 'what of?'

What you'll learn

  • What's the 1783 equivalent to an ASBO?
  • Just what are the crimes of your fellow guests?
  • Will you be sent to the Gallows?

Your reviews

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“Out of all the great things of London Dungeon, the judge still managed to stand out compared to all the other 5/5 experiences!
Wonderful sense of reacting by the judge and prosecutor to anyone who came up in the dock. If you're an Australian, look inconspicuous and avoid being called up.....


I laughed so much!

“I love the Judge! This show was so funny and the woman who was acused of being a witch made me laugh so much with her dancing. Great show!”


Makes me laugh

“I've been to The Dungeon a couple of times. It's all great, but the Judge is my favourite. It really makes me laugh. A mate of mine was pulled out of the crowd this time. Very funny!”


The Dungeon says...
“Thanks Nick, we'll pass that on!”

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“I went to the London dungeons as a school trip and it was absolutely amazing! Although we didn't get to on the rides, I loved the tour and the shows. My favorite show was the Sweeney Todd one, it was great! What I found most terrifying was when you felt something touching your back when you were sitting in the barber chair and the lights were off....”

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