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San Francisco

Jack the Ripper

Jack The Ripper

Come in from the storm. Have a pint (don't mind if we do) and settle those nerves. However this is no ordinary pub, this is the Ten Bells where Jack the Ripper's victims once drank.

The Ten Bells Pub

Let Mrs Waldren, the landlady, tell you the ultimate ghost story on a stormy night. Who was Jack the Ripper and will he strike again?

Only time will tell. Drink up now, before the lanterns go out!

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its very amazing

“i really like the jack the ripper bit, its wonderful to experience the history behind all jack the ripper murders and victims. the actor and actresses are awesome. i would love to come again soon.”

Tarnya Wood


“This was the most amazing part of the tour! How Jack himself suddenly appeared and came at us with his knife! I am absolutely awestruck at your awesome special effects!

I am definitely coming back! Jack the Ripper better watch out!”


Creepy but amazing

“I didn't expect something as creepy as "Jack the Ripper", but it was creepy. The actress in the bars staring at me send a shiver down my back and later Jack's appearance and killing look scared the life out of me. Definitely one of the best shows, if not the best.”



“I have to admit that when we went into the pub, from the moment I stepped in there I had chills down my spine as I honestly didn't know what was going to happen. When the lights went out and the music started playing i felt my heart racing a lot and i held onto my best friend for dear life. When we saw Jack the Ripper in our faces we both screamed the place down and hugged each other for about five minutes. This is why we love it! The actors do their job right and they make the day thrilling for us. Thank you!”



“The jack he ripper ghost story at the ten bells i was stood by the window and when the lights went off i kept thinking that jack the ripper would come through the window and get me”


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“I can't stress enough how worthy a visit to the London Dungeons is :) I went to the Tooley Street location for my 33rd birthday celebrations with my brother in law & we had a blast, the scenes were awesome,the actors played their parts well & we both found it a fabulous day out & well worth the entrance fee

I cannot wait to experience whats in store within the New London Dungeon attraction when I visit it this year :)”

Justin See more reviews...