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San Francisco

Henry's Wrath

Henry VIII

You step from the failing lift onto the the banks of a black river... the Thames

BUT WAIT! It's a TRAP. You are accused by Henry VIII of being part of Anne Boleyn's conspiracy of treason. Now you will follow her on the ill-fated final journey to her execution.

The Boat Ride

You will travel along the black river Thames in a thrilling boat ride filled with amazing effects. You may lose you head - or get wet! Yes... definitely one of those two! 
Be warned, you will get wet!

Wait a minute... I know that face.

For the first time in his five decade career, much loved actor Brian Blessed will appear as murderous monarch Henry VIII at the new London Dungeon.

  • He will appear virtually as a high-tech 3D talking head!
  • His famous booming voice will condemn guests to execution.
"It was all about the eyes and teeth and getting into the mind of the man. He was dangerous and menacing, a frightening King, and I will bring a wonderful extravagance and confidence to the role."
Brian Blessed

See video of Brian Blessed at work for The Dungeons.

Measuring Brian’s head

Measuring Brian’s head

(click for large version)

What you'll learn

  • Just how furious Henry VIII can be.
  • What happened to Anne Boleyn and her fellow conspirators (that's YOU).
  • How the executioners play the drums as you approach Traitors Gate.

Want more?

We've cut (haha) together 10 amazing facts about Henry and put them into this infographic. See 10 horrific facts about Henry VIII

10 horrific facts about Henry VIII – London Dungeons

 Or read more about Henry VIII on his personal profile

Escape to The City Gate

You made it to the great city walls of Tudor London. Meet the local Gong Farmer - he keeps the streets clean of poo and knows a lot about the city! These city gates have seen many an invasion; Celts, Romans, Vikings and now you! If you are lucky the Gong Farmer will show you a few defensive tricks. Whoops... just in time. It looks like another invasion is coming. Normans!

Norman? Seriously...

The invasion is in full flood. See how the city was defended by attackers. Help raise the bucket of hot tar. Dodge the arrow fire as the Normans approach. (Hmmm... can you take an invasion by someone called 'Norman' seriously. We can't, but that's just us.)

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Big Thanks to the Staff!

“When we arrived at the boat ride on our visit, sadly it was suffering from a few technical problems! We sadly had to skip it and continue onto the next bit. We enjoyed the whole experience, it was absolutely awesome but we we're a bit gutted about having to miss the boat ride. We mentioned it to a member of staff and they kindly took us to the boat ride so we could experience the part we had missed. I thought this was such an awesome thing to do! Great customer service and so helpful!! I just wanted to say a massive thanks to the staff there, they couldn't do enough to help make sure we had the best experience!”


Looking forward to Brian

“Saw the Brian Blessed vid - the man is a classic. Looking forward to seeing him froth and spit at Henry VIII. Just get him to say "Gordon's Alive" and I'll be happy.”


Da Best!!!!

“I had a fantastic time in the spooky dungeons. It was soooo scary!”


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“I am a teaching assistant and recently visited the Dungeons
with our Year 5 children. It was absolutely brilliant, loved everything about it. The acting was so good they really got into character and were very convincing. I loved the eery boat ride passing King Henry 8th and when we were suddenly plunged into darkness, terrified me but it was brilliant! Another favourite was the gallows and being in Sweeny Todds barber shop. Cannot wait to take my own children in the summer holidays and to thoroughly spooked all over again!”

Sarah See more reviews...