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Guy Fawkes - The Gunpowder Plot

Guy Fawkes

Beyond the city gates you enter a dark, rat-infested tunnel that winds back beneath the city of London. Dare you proceed?

Dare you...? Of course you do. You've come to The London Dungeon! Not only are you brave and of higher than average intelligence, you're good looking. Of course you dare. Anyway - and this is the kicker - who could resist the chance to BLOW UP PARLIAMENT?

In this show you'll encounter:

  • Conspirators on a secret mission.
  • The blowhard (ha ha) soldiers of Parliament.
  • A room filled with gunpowder.
  • The world's most famous plotter (or at least... part of him).

This is an experience filled with intrigue, conspiracy and danger. Discover The Gunpowder Plot, and what really happened beneath the Houses of Parliament on that November night in 1605.

(Obviously you shouldn't concern yourselves with a certain unlit fuse next to all the gunpowder. Just relax and enjoy the history… it's never been so explosive.)

Burning questions

  • What did happen to Guy Fawkes during his 10 days of torture?
  • See, hear, feel and smell what could have happened - it's going to get explosive!

Dungeons Uncovered...

This show requires our actors to perform some very fast-paced repartee with one very… very special effect. It takes lots of training, timing and comedic ability.

Plus, this show brings out our team's poetic side. Here is our tribute to the classic Fireworks Night verse. (Spot the subtle subliminal message if you can).

Remember remember the fifth of November
You'll love The Dungeons a lot,
We see no reas'n, why you should be freez'n
When gunpowder gets so hot :-)

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“When you first find out you are going to the London Dungeons with a group of students you are filled with extra dread...well, you should be.

It's suddenly not about whether you will be scared or not by the vicious variety of scenes but how your body (and voice) might uncontrollably behave when you are.

No teacher wants to turn in a split second from the demon drill master to the shrill, screaming scaredy-cat.

Fortunately for me I was able to hold on to my dignity or at least conceal it from the 43 students I took round the attraction. The first test of the shaking lift was passed with ease. The second hurdle of the gunpowder explosion was 'windy' but not gail force. I didn't lose my head in Sweeney Todd's barber shop and whilst the knife attack in a lightening storm had me reaching for a stiff drink, that was solely down to the Ten Bells Pub setting - honest.

I would like to claim that was where my story - and this review - ended. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Unable to choose the door to freedom thanks to the fear of taunts from students, I gripped my brave facade tightly around my own neck and entered the Newgate Gallows.

Remember that shrill scream I mentioned? So do all the students who sat next to me on the drop-ride; they have reminded me of it every day since.

Fear exposed but well worth it for the shared experience.”

Mr Smith See more reviews...