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San Francisco

Drop Dead:
Drop Ride to Doom

Drop Dead: Drop Ride to Doom

PLEASE NOTE: Drop Dead Ride of Doom will be closed for essential maintenance on the 9th September 2015.

The Newgate Gallows

It's 1783 and here's an exciting first. The Long Drop is to be used for the first time outside Newgate Prison..

Lucky you. You had better put on a good show/death for the awaiting crowds. Your executioner will show you the 'ropes'. LOL.

 What you'll learn

  • What the 'long drop' is.
  • The subsequent effect on the body.
  • What a cracking neck sounds like. Cringe.

It's time…

The crowd cheers and it's your turn to face the drop. The noose is ready as are the Judge, Priest and executioner. The thrilling faster than gravity drop is the ultimate end to your Dungeon journey.


Drop Dead Drop Ride to Doom is an exhilarating vertical free fall drop ride. The minimum height restrictions for Drop Dead Drop Ride is 1.4 metres. All riders must have the ability to sit upright on the ride and brace themselves against the ride forces; wheelchair users must be able to transfer unaided into and out of the ride seats. The ride is not suitable for guests with: 

  • Heart complaints or Pacemakers
  • Back or Neck complaints
  • Broken limbs or have had recent surgery
  • Pregnant guests
  • Photosensitive Epilepsy 
  • Have a condition that may result in injury or complicartion from riding. 

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First Drop Dead Ride Ever

“Drop dead, one word comes to mind EPIC! would definitely ride the beast again. can't wait for round 3. got a little scared but other than that had fun riding it. first drop ride in the dark gets full marks out of ten.”



“I had ridden the drop ride before in the old dungeon, but oh my this one got me screaming! I wasn't expecting the drop so soon! I loved the new twist as well! Well done!”



“The drop was great. I was on a school trip and as I threw my back down and strapped in i wasn't prepared for that heart stopping moment as you dropped. And seeing my face as the camera had flashed on the screen as i went out was fantastic - an instant buy. I wished that it would of lasted longer but even at the length it was, it was still memorable! Im going back there as soon as!”



“The drop ride was good and very fun, but the only down fall is it doesn't go on very long”


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“when ever i go there its the feeling of fear and happiness thats comes over me its really fun there and everyone enjoys it even those who don't speak a word of english . The fright starts when you go into the dungeons and it finishes with a BIG drop at the end . I hope that whoever is reading this will go there and have such a scary time like i did..... hope the new dungeons will be brilliant xxxxx”

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