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And so your journey begins. Descend into the heart of the Dungeon in this medieval lift. Hear the grinding cogs and chains as the winches strain. Don't worry, it hardly ever falls!

Meet the Lift Leper

Join our resident Lift Leper as you descend. This cheerful fellow will prepare you for 1000 years of gloriously horrible history. It all starts here!

What's that? You hear the sounds of water lapping against the shore? With luck you have arrived safely at Thames river docks.

What you'll learn

  • Whether the lift actually works.
  • If Leprosy is really that contagious.
  • Who's the most scared (and likely to be picked on!)

Descent is the perfect opening to your Dungeon experience, funny, suspenseful and beautifully played. If the Dungeon was a movie Descent would be the title sequence.

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“I didn't think the start of the dungeons would be that scary but I was wrong! Even when we were waiting to go in the actors were jumping out at us then there were flashing lights in the elevator at the start and the actor jumped out at us and we were all screaming! Great start to the tour!”



“I was very impressed with the entrance to the dungeon. Descent really sets the tone for the journey ahead of us. The lift leper filled us with suspense and excitement but also had us terrified! Amazing!”


Such a good time!

“The NEW Dungeon is really good but some of the stuff is quite scary for me. BUT I LOVED IT!”


Down, down, down...

“I loved the entrance to the old Dungeon, but this sounds even better. The Lift Leper should do the fake hand joke...”


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“I can't even write with these amount of words how amazing the dungeons were. The actors were phenomenal and very friendly. Very cleverly decorated and the smells were horrific but very well done. I am 14 so I wasn't really scared of anything in it . Real rats ewww but I was fine with that. I would 100% recommend the dungeons. the rides were amazing and I don't want to go into to much detail in case I ruin it for you ! The line moved very swiftly and I would love to go again if I ever go back to London. Wouldn't recommend to younger kids but it depends on their nature. FIVE STARS !!!”

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