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San Francisco

William Wallace: Allegiance

William Wallace

Where've you been?! You've missed it! Today is the day that Scotland’s greatest patriot, greatest freedom fighter, has been executed by the English for the crime of treason. Aye that’s right we're talking about…. William Wallace! Hear what happened to Wallace upon his capture, and what we Scots do with English maggots...

What you'll learn

  • Where did it all go wrong?
  • Who was at the head of the English army?
  • Who screamed like a girlie?

Dungeons Uncovered

Wallace's head is played our very own Performance Team Leader Kieran! You might also have heard his voice while in the Tolbooth Jail…

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“From start to finish a brilliant day out. Our 6 year old was terrified and may not sleep tonight but we were warned and have no-one to blame but ourselves. Our 10 year old birthday boy loved every minute especially Sawney Bean. Must come back at Hallowe'en. Thank you to the actors for such an excellent day.”

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