Drop Dead: Drop Ride

Drop Dead: Drop Ride to Doom

You've made it to the Grassmarket and a crowd has gathered to see you pay for your sins. Lucky you! You had better put on a good show/death for the awaiting crowds. Your executioner will show you the 'ropes'.

What you'll learn

  • What it feels like to freefall drop.
  • How quickly one passes into the afterlife.
  • What a cracking neck sounds like. Cringe.

Dungeons Uncovered

The chain on the Drop Ride is 30m long and each link is the size of a fist!

Minimum height: 1.4m

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“Being Halloween what better place to go to for a good scare than the Dungeons in Edinburgh. Brought three kids aged 9 to 12. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left we were either laughing or jumping, but never knew what to expect next. Highly enjoyable (if you love a good scare) staff were professional and never left character. Just really good fun. Took 80 mins and the time flew past. Thanks to all the staff for making it a really good visit. I loved the judge!!!!”

Nikki, Dublin See more reviews...