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San Francisco

Drop Dead: Drop Ride

Drop Dead: Drop Ride to Doom

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Drop Ride will be temporarily closed from September 15th 2014 to allow scheduled routine maintenance to take place. As soon as we know the date that it will reopen, we'll let you know!

You've made it to the Grassmarket and a crowd has gathered to see you pay for your sins. Lucky you! You had better put on a good show/death for the awaiting crowds. Your executioner will show you the 'ropes'.

What you'll learn

  • What it feels like to freefall drop.
  • How quickly one passes into the afterlife.
  • What a cracking neck sounds like. Cringe.

Dungeons Uncovered

The chain on the Drop Ride is 30m long and each link is the size of a fist!

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“Absolutely brilliant attraction. All the characters were fantastic and very terrifying! Excellent indoor attraction for a cold or wet day. Thoroughly enjoyed our tour through the dark history of Scotland. We had done a late night ghost tour the evening before and the two things went hand in hand. Would definitely recommend for anyone over the age of about 8, think younger children may be too scared to appreciate it properly.

Should be on every tourist's itinerary for a holiday in Edinburgh!”

Kathryn See more reviews...