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Prepare to delve into 1000 years of Scotland's most horrible history at the Edinburgh Dungeon. No trip to Edinburgh is complete without a visit to us. Tickets can sell out at popular times so book in advance and save money - plus you will also get priority entry! Everyone wins.

 Got a voucher? Please see further down the page for information on using it.

Online Saver Tickets

With our Online Saver Tickets you will save money on the normal individual door price AND you will get priority entrance! 

Online Saver Ticket
Ticket typeTotal individual price (sorry, you'll need to queue)Online price from (cheaper, plus timed priority entrance)
Adult (16 yrs +) £16.95 £11.25
Child (5 - 15 yrs) £12.95 £9.80
Senior (60+) £15.95 £10.80
Student (ID required) £15.95 £10.80
Family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children) £51.00 £40.00
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Please note that prices vary by time slot. If you're booking for a Saturday afternoon in October, this is our peak and will cost a little more than an off peak Monday Morning in February. You can play around with the booking calendar to choose the best time for your visit. Children under 5 go free.

Premium Flexi-Ticket

 With our Premium Flexi-Ticket, there are no time restrictions on your visit (apart from our opening hours...don't come after we've closed). Simply select the date you'd like to come and see us and turn up whenever you like! (But really, keep it within our opening hours. You don't want to wake Wallace after-hours; he'll lose his head! Again...)

Premium Flexi-Ticket
Ticket typeTotal individual price (sorry, you'll need to queue)Online price (priority entrance and no time restrictions)
Adult (16 yrs +) £16.50
Child (5 - 15 yrs) £12.60
Senior (60+) £15.60
Student (ID required) £15.60
Family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children) £49.80
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Ticket Information

Our Online Saver Ticket is the most popular, and often, our cheapest ticket. You could save even more with a Group Ticket (10+) or a Combi-Ticket. We've teamed up with Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh to offer a combined Dungeon and Dinner package! Or perhaps you'd prefer to get up close with some of the World's most fascinating aquatic animals? Then check out our combi ticket with SEA LIFE Loch Lomond.

Please note that online tickets are non-refundable. We don't really understand why you'd change your mind anyway. Unless you're a wimp. Don't worry, the torturer won't be too hard on you. Probably.

Vouchers - if you have a promotional voucher this applies to our full walk-up rates, not online. Where a voucher stipulates than an adult is required, this is a full paying adult who has paid the full walk up rate. You can't combine a voucher with online ticketing as these prices are already fabulously discounted, and we can't just give away this comedy gold we're producing! The Torturer has an expensive taste in implements.

The Dungeon is part of Merlin Entertainments Group which also includes Madame Tussauds, The London Eye, Alton Towers Resort and many more. Enjoy 12 months of fun and freedom with a Merlin Annual Pass and access 31 of Britain’s greatest attractions whenever you like.

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“Where do you go on your first date. The beach for a nice romantic stroll? No, silly. Why the Edinburgh Dungeons, of course. Not to mention it was a long distance relationship. This was the first day we met, in the flesh *mm, flesh*. If there was any reason to feel brave, it would be today. I didn't want to look like a coward in front of my guy, nor the torturer or anyone else *gulp*. Sawney Beans girls wanted Steven. Fair enough, he had been cowering for half the experience - guess who the brave one was now? I don't think anything has made my blood pump around my body so much like the drop ride did. Boy was it such a shock. Double points for the Dungeons on being gory yet historical!

Two years later, we decided to visit the Dungeons again and see how well we could survive. People say there's only a certain amount of times you can do something before it becomes tedious and boring. Well the Dungeons never let us down on that. We went in the month of October. It's understandable why it's their favorite time of the year *evil laugh* A few of the rooms had changed, like the anatomy theatre, which we got quite the surprise from someone (I won't spoil it - I promise!) and especially, The Street of Sorrow, which gave some *peasants* quite the 'treatment'!

I couldn't recommend the Edinburgh Dungeons enough to everyone. It's something you have to do in the city if you're visiting. Just make sure you bring a spare change of underwear if you're a total jessie...”

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