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The Edinburgh Dungeon

The Edinburgh Dungeon

The ultimate thrill-filled journey through Scotland's murky past.

  • 11 Live Shows
  • 80 minutes of laughter, screaming & history
  • Cutting edge theming

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Foul Clenger at the Edinburgh Dungeon

NEW FOR 2014:

It’s 1645 in Old Edinburgh and the Foul Clenger is clearing plagued properties. Join him, but beware: you might have a close escape…

  • Brand new show!
  • Brand new special effects!
  • Brand new character!

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Burke and Hare at the Edinburgh Dungeon


This October 31st, for the first time ever, we’re offering you the chance to be a Dungeon VIP!

Join us on our favourite day and be treated to queue jump, goody bag, guidebook and VIP lanyard.

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Award Winners - Edinburgh Dungeon

Award-Winning fun

Winning Scotland’s Best Visitor Attraction 2014 made us feel all fuzzy inside.

It might just be the plague…

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New faces at the Edinburgh Dungeon

What is the Dungeon?

The ultimate thrill-filled journey through Scotland’s murky past - perfect for a day out with your mates!

There's 11 live shows, and 80 minutes of laughter, screaming, theatre, history & special effects in one great visitor attraction.

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