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Opening Times

The Labyrinth

Here you will find The Blackpool Tower Dungeon opening dates and times.
We are closed on Christmas Day.

Dungeon shows run every hour throughout the week and every half hour throughout the weekend - During busier times and with schools bookings time slots can quickly fill up.

Pre-booking for a time slot is advised, please visit the attraction to book into a time slot.

Monday 9th November - Sunday 20th December  
Monday  Closed

Tuesday - Thursday 11am 4pm
Friday Closed  
Saturday - Sunday  10am 5pm
Monday 21st December - Thursday 31st December  
Monday - Sunday 10am 5pm

Friday 25th December Closed  


How long do tours last?

The tours last approximately 60 minutes, no matter what time you enter.

What's the best time to visit?

Good question. We love Halloween, but for the rest of the year there’s just one thing you need to remember. Like any amazingly funny, brilliantly designed and (ha ha) executed attraction…we are very popular. Our guests love us and end to come back time and time again.

So... make it easy on yourself. BOOK A TICKET IN ADVANCE. That way you:

  • Get to visit when YOU want
  • Know that your place is reserved
  • AND you get priority entrance over the loveable, but ultimately less organised folk who turn up at the last minute.

Right. Does that make sense? Great, so you know what you have to do. The Red Ticket button is up there at the top...up... up... up... there you go.


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Tickets from £10.50. Save 20% when you book online.
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Need a map? We are located in The Blackpool Tower

“I visited on Friday 9th May 2014 with 4 friends and we had a fantastic time. From start to finish I was on edge with anticipation and at one point I was actually holding my sisters hand (we are in our 30's) lol.
However I was abit disappointed with the Vikings Of The North, there wasn't much happening there just a video screen.
I never managed to go on the drop ride at the end as I'm pregnant but I will next time.
The photos and gift shop were reasonably priced and we all bought something.
All in all I will visit again and I will recommend the dungeon to my friends. Thank you for a scary day out”

Andrea Nelson See more reviews...