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Skippool Smugglers

Skippool Smugglers

Welcome to the depths of the Skippool Creek caves, where in the gloom the smugglers work.

Dirty and dangerous, they are suspicious of strangers and want answers - who are you? What have you got? Are the Revenue following you?

Alone in the dark, Captain Johnson is coming to deal with you, and deep in the caves, nobody will hear your screams...

What you'll learn

  • If one of your group is working for the Revenue men.
  • Discover the smugglers nocturnal business activities and the risks they face.
  • Will you escape from the suspicious Cockeye the Inn keeper?

Dungeons Uncovered

The smell in the caves of Skippool is the essence of fish!

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the scariest part!

“My friend was sobbing on my shoulder when the lights went out, it was the scariest time of my life!”


Probably the best part of the Dungeon

“Great innuendos, and even better scare factor, this is a great show. Even when you know what to expect, the show is equally funny and scary. It never fails to make me jump, or laugh out loud. Great show!”


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“Brilliant family fun. My boyfriend and I love our horror, but I get a little put off historical tours. This was perfect. Gross and gory with loads of props and audience participation, and it was genuinely very interesting and educational.
I LOVED the effect with the leeches, and the doctor's apprentice was brilliantly bonkers. Great setting and scenery, too.
The torturer's chamber was ace. I felt so sorry for the poor guy called up for things to be demonstrated on! For such a petite actress, the torturer had such an amazing presence and really commanded her audience.
Being in court was so fun! I was really hoping not to get called out and I was lucky for once- I'm always the one to get picked on!- but it was nice to join in shouting at the 'accused' as they got sentenced!
Ugh. The labyrinth was horrible. Just the right levels of claustrophobia, mind tricks and jump scares. I was very pleased to get out the other end in one piece!
I loved the little movie shown to explain about the Vikings and the Saxons. The arrows fired at our Saxon guide were a really cool touch! It was a relief to leave that chamber, because the atmosphere is so tense, and we were all wondering if we were going to have to fight!
I loved the Skippool Smugglers. My boyfriend got picked on, much to my amusement, and the smuggler said he didn't like the look of him. The effects with the chairs were really powerful, especially because at that point you are sat in absolute darkness. I definitely didn't jump... I was only pretending...
I would've liked a LITTLE more about the Pendle Witches, but the movie we saw was pretty cool. I loved the forest setting with the soft turf floor. It was really surreal going from a courtroom to an underground cave to the middle of the woods!
The Drop Dead ride was a great ending to the tour. Not too much, but just enough to get a feel for the height and build up leading to being hanged. Brilliant!
We spent way too much in the gift shop. I bought so much stuff! It was reasonably priced, and had so much gross and gory stuff it was hard to choose so I just bought loads! We also bought our pictures taken from right at the very beginning, before the tour started. Our ride picture was good, but my hair had eaten my face! Such a shame!
To sum it all up- it was terrific fun. Would recommend for anyone, except the faint hearted!”

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