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San Francisco

Skippool Smugglers

Skippool Smugglers

Welcome to the depths of the Skippool Creek caves, where in the gloom the smugglers work.

Dirty and dangerous, they are suspicious of strangers and want answers - who are you? What have you got? Are the Revenue following you?

Alone in the dark, Captain Johnson is coming to deal with you, and deep in the caves, nobody will hear your screams...

What you'll learn

  • If one of your group is working for the Revenue men.
  • Discover the smugglers nocturnal business activities and the risks they face.
  • Will you escape from the suspicious Cockeye the Inn keeper?

Dungeons Uncovered

The smell in the caves of Skippool is the essence of fish!

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the scariest part!

“My friend was sobbing on my shoulder when the lights went out, it was the scariest time of my life!”


Probably the best part of the Dungeon

“Great innuendos, and even better scare factor, this is a great show. Even when you know what to expect, the show is equally funny and scary. It never fails to make me jump, or laugh out loud. Great show!”


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Need a map? We are located in The Blackpool Tower

“My girlfriend and I had booked tickets for the Blackpool Tower Dungeon and I wasn't sure what to expect. The suspense and curiosity played a part as we had missed the last group before the adult orientated ones started at 5pm.

This was just as well because if it was toned down any, it probably wouldn't of been as funny for us, plus there was a free alcoholic drink towards the end in the ol' Tavern.

All the characters were excellent and my girlfriend and I got picked out once or twice and it was hilarious both times.

Would love to work there (...where do I sign??)

Only given 4 as I wish it was a little longer.

This is a must if you are planning a fun filled day or two in The Pool which is Black!”

David See more reviews...