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Witch Hunt

Meynes Cornelis

"We must stay together and keep eachother safe" chokes the peasant "I will get you to safety" Thank goodness; Finally you meet a soul that is looking out for you. Or is that just wishful thinking?


As soon as you enter the cursed house of the condemned witch, you enter the eerie, paranormal world of Meynes Cornelis. While you are standing in the dark of her creepy house, you can feel the chill in your bones… then, suddenly, you come eye-to-eye with a ghostly appearance that will make you go numb with fear… do you still have time to escape?

What you'll learn:

  • How men and women behave during this cauldron
  • Who to trust.. and who not
  • Whether you can keep calm when surrounded by panic and chaos

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“It was a scary, but very funny place 'till the end. The actors are playing very convincing and i appreciate the cynical nature of several characters. It's worthwhile to drop by. See ya 'till next time!”

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